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Date Better, Darling! eBook

Date Better, Darling! eBook

“Simple, straightforward, funny, and highly relatable.” - Dr. L. Goodnow

“Transformed my dating life and my relationship with myself.” - Lindsey T.

“Raw, honest, and vulnerably written.” - Ariana G.

“REAL dating you’re having a conversation with a dear friend.” - Madison F.

“This book asks the tough questions anyone dating should ask themselves.” - Dr. B. Kalinkowitz


Finding love should be more fun.


Finding your person is one of the most important, sacred things you can do...if you find someone that truly nourishes your heart.


But the process of finding this person among billions can be one of the most stressful things we do. It brings up our fears and insecurities just as much as our hopes and happiness. We worry that we’re asking for too much, or that we’re too much, and whether it’s even worth it to keep trying.


Dina went through all of that, and decided that she had enough. She wanted this to be fun. To be something she could feel good about. So she rolled up her sleeves, whipped out a notebook, and got to work...and after many adventures, finally found love.


In this heartfelt, helpful, and sometimes hilarious book, you’ll feel like you’re drinking a cup of tea with your bestie while getting practical advice for every step of the dating process, from questions to ask on your dates to how to handle charged topics like family, health conditions, and how to say “no!” when you need to.


You’ll get insights around self-care, emotional healing, and some very honest, no-holds-barred stories from someone who put her heart out there and took notes the whole way through.


If you’re ready to find love and want to make the journey empowering and fun, this is your book!

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