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Date Better, Darling!

Sassy. Soulful. Self-Aware.

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Meet Dina

From Trauma To Trailblazer

I was a spectacularly bad dater.

Like many women, I had a lot of unhealed trauma which deeply impacted my self-esteem, how I related to people, and who I attracted. I embarked on a journey of deep healing to reclaim myself from the core wounds that were keeping me stuck in my patterns of heartbreak, anxiety, and disappointment. 

When I was ready to date again, I realized that the way I used to date wasn't working, and began an adventure of testing out different ways to meet and learn about people, while staying true to myself. I actually ended up going on 71 dates in a year! 

What I learned was so life-changing that I wrote all about it in my book, Date Better, Darling!, and began coaching women with the tools and techniques that helped me stay centered, authentic, joyous, and empowered on my search for well as when the journey of love with someone ends.

My hope for you, reading this, is that you can use what I've learned to heal your heart, and help you get to the love you've been waiting for without the years of learning (and falling on my face!) that I experienced. And...I hope it makes it fun, too. You deserve it!

With love,


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"For the right person to recognize you, you need to show up in your true form."

— Dina Joy Bahrani

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